To video or not to video?

Picture this … it’s your wedding day …

All of your family and friends are gathered for your ceremony.

Your groom is standing at the top of the aisle, and as the music starts to play he takes a deep breath and bites his lip to hide the wave of emotion that just hit him like a freight train!

Your flower girl and page boys give new meaning to the word ‘cute’ as they run down the aisle, excited to see your partner standing there waiting.

Your best friends, the ones you’ve selected as bridesmaids look absolutely stunning as they walk down the aisle.

… Meanwhile – you the bride, have just missed all of this, as you wait out of sight!

It’s not only the moments such as these that you’ll miss from your wedding day.  It’s also what is said.  We often capture the most amazing things being said during wedding speeches. It’s a time when people say things that they may have never said before and may never be said again.

Our couples often comment about the little things that we capture that they didn’t see on their wedding day.   It is such an important day and it goes by so quickly.


Your kids will thank you for it.

At this time in your lives, it may not be easy to imagine your life 10 or 15 years from now.  So the best advice that I can give you is my personal experience – having been married in 2002, I now have 3 children aged 12, 10 and 8.  They are the best reason for having a wedding video.

Particularly my 2 girls who absolutely love watching it.  Not just to see mum and dad, but to see their cousins and grandparents; one of whom is no longer with us.


It’s not about how often you’ll watch it!

Sometimes we hear couples say that they don’t want a wedding video because they don’t think that they would watch it very often.   They’re thinking about it like it’s the latest season of Game of Thrones. This is not the same!

The feedback that we receive from couples; even those who were not originally convinced that they needed a video; is that they love watching their wedding films.  We can create Highlight videos that take you back to the feelings you had on your wedding day in under 5 minutes.  Watching your wedding video doesn’t have to be a 3 hour time investment.

Even if you only watch it once and that one time saves your marriage, wouldn’t it be worth it?


I don’t like being on camera.

That’s OK.  We don’t really like being in front of the camera either, so we understand how you feel.  With that understanding, we make it as comfortable as possible for you by being as unobtrusive as possible.

Our couples often comment that they barely noticed us there on their wedding day, and at the same time they are astounded at the great quality footage that we capture.

Finally – You will regret it if you don’t.